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10 Ways to Add Light to Rooms with No Overhead Lighting

Searching for a rental is already a difficult process in itself – but it’s even more challenging when you find a perfect place but realize there is no overhead lighting. It can make the space feel dull and dark, causing you to start thinking about continuing your home search.

However, there are ways to brighten up spaces that are lacking light. This list includes 10 ways to add light to any rooms that could use some brightness.

Bring in as much natural light as possible

The simplest way to combat no overhead lighting is to use the windows that the space already has. To allow the maximum amount of light to pour into the room, opt for curtains that are light and breezy.

Opening your windows and balcony door can bring in fresh air and sunlight as well. Giving all your glass panes a good scrubbing will also help with this.

Hang string lights

String lights are not only trendy right now, but they are also affordable. You can choose white lights or even colored ones to liven up any rooms that need more light. These are a great addition to any space to add a cozy feel and come in many different styles!