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10 Ways to Add Light to Rooms with No Overhead Lighting

Searching for a rental is already a difficult process in itself – but it’s even more challenging when you find a perfect place but realize there is no overhead lighting. It can make the space feel dull and dark, causing you to start thinking about continuing your home search.

However, there are ways to brighten up spaces that are lacking light. This list includes 10 ways to add light to any rooms that could use some brightness.

Bring in as much natural light as possible

The simplest way to combat no overhead lighting is to use the windows that the space already has. To allow the maximum amount of light to pour into the room, opt for curtains that are light and breezy.

Opening your windows and balcony door can bring in fresh air and sunlight as well. Giving all your glass panes a good scrubbing will also help with this.

Hang string lights

String lights are not only trendy right now, but they are also affordable. You can choose white lights or even colored ones to liven up any rooms that need more light. These are a great addition to any space to add a cozy feel and come in many different styles!

Purchase plug-in wall sconces

By using plug-in wall scones, you are able to create the look of ornate wall sconces, without the need for electrical work. There are a plethora of affordable plug-in wall sconce options that are easy to install. There are lots of different styles you can choose from, so you should be able to find ones that will match the style and aesthetic of your rental space.

This plug-in wall sconce can be found at Home Depot for $23.12.

Floor lamps

Using floor lamps is a great way to add extra light in your space. You can add floor lamps as a statement piece or even just use basic ones – either way, you will be adding light into a space that needs it. Floor lamps are a dime a dozen, so it should not be difficult to find ones that match your style.

Use mirrors to add more light

If floor lamps aren’t adding the amount of light you want, pointing the light towards a mirror in the room will shine more light throughout the space. Another option is to hang a mirror across from the window – this will imitate the look of additional windows and natural light.

Table lamps

This is another super easy way to solve having no overhead lighting. Adding a table lamp to a side table is a great way to brighten up the room. If you don’t have a conveniently placed outlet where you want to put the lamp, another option is to purchase battery-powered lamps. Similar to floor lamps, table lamps are quite commonplace, so you should be able to find more than one that will accent your space in the way you want.

Plug-in pendant light

If your landlord allows a simple hook in your ceiling, plug-in pendant lights are a great option for additional lighting. These lights also can add some decoration to your space as well. Again, there are many options of plug-in pendant lights, so you should be able to find a few that match your spaces current décor.

This plug-in wall sconce can be found at Home Depot for $23.12.

Flameless candles

A less obvious option to add more light throughout your rental, is to use flameless candles. Many lease agreements prohibit the use of actual candles, so flameless candles are a great alternative. A few ideas of where you can place these are on a mantle, faux fireplace, or a dresser in your bedroom. These obviously will not make a huge difference in the amount of light in the space, but they do add some and they can be a nice accent piece as well.

These flameless candles can be found at Walmart for $9.88.

Smart bulbs

A great way to transform the tech in your space without spending a fortune is to use smart bulbs. These can easily be used to match your current style and décor. Another idea is to purchase smart LED strips and place them around your desk or TV stand to create a high-tech style.

This smart bulb can be found at Home Depot for $12.97.

Add more accessories

It may not be the most obvious or common way to add light to a room but adding accessories that are bright themselves, will also brighten up the room as a whole. Certain accessories and décor pieces can capture the light and reflect it around the room. Some ideas of pieces you can achieve this with are hanging crystals above your windows, glass bowls, white items, vases of flowers, etc.

While it may seem daunting to rent a place that has limited overhead lighting, it shouldn’t completely deter you, especially if you truly do love the place otherwise. There are so many ways you can add light in a space that may be limited in that aspect - you just have to use a little creativity!

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