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Thanksgiving Tips for a Small Space

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

So, it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner and if you don’t already have enough to get ready, you are worried your place will be too small for everyone. Here are some tips that may help you free up some space and prepare!

Start with a plan

  • The last thing you want to do is wing a Thanksgiving dinner. With your kitchen space in mind, put together a menu that you will realistically be able to accomplish. It’s also okay to ask your guests to bring dishes. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough plates, utensils, serving ware, chairs, etc. for everyone you are having over. Serving dinner buffet style is a great option when you are limited on space.

Get your home ready

  • Temporarily placing furniture you won’t need for the event in your bedroom or closet is a great way to make extra room.

  • It’s also a good idea to clean any expired items or food from your refrigerator. Tidying any clutter that may be in the areas that your guests will be is another great way to make your small space seem bigger.

Prep dinner

  • You definitely don’t want to leave all the cooking for Thanksgiving Day. When looking at your menu, pick the things that can be done the day/night before and prep them. Don’t forget that the Turkey will most likely take up the oven on the big day, so try and find some side dishes that can be prepared ahead of time or cooked on the stovetop. Since Cranberry sauce can keep for days and pies taste just as good the next day, they can be prepared the day before Thanksgiving. Some other things to prep on Wednesday would be peeling potatoes and carrots, toasting nuts, cubing bread for stuffing, etc.

Clean up as you go

  • Cleaning as the day goes on it very beneficial for not only your guests, but for yourself as well. Clean up any messes or spills right away and make sure you clean dishes in between meal preparation.

Use proper lighting to set the mood

  • Overhead lighting can be too harsh and since Thanksgiving is meant to be cozy, using some alternative lighting can be a great option. Another idea is to use hanging lights since they take up less space than standing lamps.

Add some style

  • A great host will add some holiday spirit to their dinner party. This doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be as simple as adding some decorative candles. Some other ideas would be adding a centerpiece, putting a wreath on your door, putting table confetti out. There are endless amounts of ideas, just check out Pinterest.

  • Using disposable plates and utensils is perfectly acceptable. If you are planning on using them, buy the decorative or Thanksgiving themed ones. They make for a simple clean up and can double as a party ‘decoration.’

  • Another great way to add some flair is by using napkin rings. You can print out DIY napkin rings here and follow the instructions below provided from -Print the download on your choice of paper. -Cut the design out along the dashed lines -Curl the cut design so that is resembles a ring and use tape to hold together -Place napkin and utensils inside the ring

Use coolers for drinks

  • This frees up a ton of room in your fridge for not only the turkey but salads, side dishes, and desserts.

Utilize crock pots and hot pads

  • Leaving stoves and ovens on is not ideal when you have a small space because they give off so much heat. Having a group in a small area will already be pretty warm, so using crock pots and hot plates will keep your food hot and help prevent overheating.

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