Bringing Home a Rescue Pet: How to Turn Your Home into a Pet-Friendly Space

While we are still social distancing amid the Coronavirus pandemic, finding new ways to occupy our time seems to be becoming more and more difficult. It’s possible that you’ve been thinking about welcoming a furry friend into your family to help boost companionship during these lengthy days of social distancing. Or perhaps adopting a rescue pet is just what you need to make your house finally feel like a home. Whatever the reason, with all of the excitement of welcoming your new best friend home, it is easy to forget the essential step of making your home pet-friendly.


The way each rescue animal acts when introduced to a new home will vary, so it is impossible to ever be fully prepared when welcoming a rescue pet into your home. As a safety precaution, you should be sure to keep anything that could be harmful or poisonous in a secure place that’s out of reach to your new furry friend. Also, remove any of your belongings that could be damaged or broken by your rescue pet. To make a smoother transition for them, follow the additional precautions below:

  • Make sure trash cans are covered and secure

  • Remove or lock away poisonous plants and household cleaners

  • Install pet gates if there are rooms you don’t want them exploring yet

  • Tape down or cover exposed cords

  • Make sure the toilet seat stays closed

  • Put away items that are choking hazards or that you don’t want them to play with

  • Move fragile items, such as vases and picture frames, out of their reach

  • Screen off fireplaces and wood stoves

  • Block off furniture with wood accents, upholstery, or that can be easily damaged, with a temporary barrier

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