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Are you looking to upgrade from your home office? Has your business expanded and you’re looking for a larger space or a second location? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Commercial real estate requires an experienced and highly specialized agent. Bullseye Properties & Realty has several years of experience in commercial real estate, so you can feel confident that you’ve selected the right Realtor® for the job.


Our staff of dedicated professionals bring extensive commercial real estate experience and unparalleled market knowledge to the table to assist you in the acquisition, disposition, or leasing of commercial property.


We'll use current market trends as well as historical data and offer a thorough, well-documented and honest analysis of your property - whether it's a single asset or a portfolio. The goals and objectives we help you set for your investments will be custom-tailored to your individual situation. 


With a firm grasp on the latest technologies and data analysis tools, our research team is constantly aware of present market trends. Bullseye Properties & Realty supplies this knowledge to our clients as the basis for well-informed decision-making. 

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