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A great property management company is one that is responsive, efficient, and effective in managing all aspects of a property. The fact that Bullseye Property Management & Realty is amongst the highest reviewed companies in our industry speaks volumes for our team.

Bullseye Property Management & Realty has a diversified portfolio (HOA Management, Residential Management, Commercial Management, Sales/Realty) along with a diversified team. This helps give us an edge over the competition.

The support team is composed of some highly attentive and detailed individuals. They oversee the items that are often overlooked but make a huge impact on success. The goal of our clients and our team is to have a profitable and respectful relationship.

Our accounting team consists of a retired CPA along with bookkeepers with professional backgrounds to ensure that invoices received are processed accurately and quickly. There are regular audits performed to maintain the level of proficiency we uphold. When an invoice is received, it is not entered until it has been validated within our software. It will then go to the property manager for final approval before it leaves our door.


Our property managers come from several backgrounds: military, law enforcement, maintenance, childcare, sales, consulting, and customer service to name a few. This touches on our diversified approach. We don’t look for additions that keep in line with who we already have. Each person on our team brings a unique and special approach to situations. This allows for some wonderful collaboration and outside-the-box solutions.


The sales team we have is top notch. They carry their MN Salesperson License, have systems in place to track and monitor information, and will work around your schedule to ensure a smooth transition.


Our office has a few (but very important) points that we provide for each of our clients:

  1. Communication

  2. Attention to detail

  3. Experience

  4. Technology

  5. Financial management

  6. Customer service

  7. Maintenance knowledge


Overall, a great property management company is one that is reliable, efficient, and effective in managing all aspects of your investment. We work closely with you to ensure it is well-managed and profitable while providing a high level of service.

Grow Your Vision 

With Bullseye Property Management

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