Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching and adding some décor pieces around your home can add some fun pops of color! I found some great ideas online that are especially perfect if you have a rental. The majority of these projects can be reused and don’t take much time to create!

Kiss Balloons

These kiss balloons are a super simple way to add a little Valentine’s spirit in your home. All you need are some white balloons, a helium tank, and red lipstick. Find the tutorial here.

You Mean the World to Me

If you are looking for a more subtle Valentine’s decoration, look no further. This DIY globe project is a great way to add a little Valentine’s flair to your house. All you need is a thrifted globe and some lettering. You can view the full tutorial here.

Candy Heart Garland

This candy heart garland is a very simple way to add a little bit of Valentines spirit in your home. The full tutorial can be found here. You only need a few supplies for this quick project that is inspired by the classic Valentine’s candy.

Heart Balloons

These balloons are a little more work than the kiss balloons, but the finished product is worth it! These look like you would have purchased them from the store and the tutorial even has a printable Valentine’s Day message sheet which makes this project even easier. Find the full tutorial here.

Hot Chocolate Bar

This is another DIY that is subtle and cute, and is also interchangeable depending on the season! When you view the tutorial you will see that the author includes photos and links to her other versions of her beverage bar. She has tutorials for a few different themed beverage bars, including Easter, fall and winter.

Candy Heart Bouquet

This candy heart bouquet would make a perfect centerpiece on your dining room table. In the tutorial, she uses fresh roses, but you could also purchase some inexpensive faux roses at your local craft store as a substitute. You can view the tutorial here.

Valentines Mason Jar

Similar to the candy heart jar, this project is a cute way to add a pop of Valentine’s around your house. These take a little extra effort on your part, but you can always save them and use them again next year! You can find the tutorial here.

Valentines Dinner Tablescape

This project is especially perfect if you are planning on having dinner with your significant other or even just some friends. Again, this DIY takes some effort on your end, but the finished project pays off. Here is the full tutorial.

Rose Wall Hanging

Again, in this tutorial fresh flowers are used, but you could easily switch those out for some faux flowers of your choosing and use in again in the future. This flower hanging would also work for the spring season, so it doesn’t have just be used for Valentine’s Day! Find the full tutorial here.

Colored Bulbs

Swapping out your regular lightbulbs with pink or red ones will really set the Valentine’s Day mood. This is a super great idea to incorporate among your other Valentine’s decorations. Here are 4 packs of pink and red lightbulbs that can be found on Amazon.

Valentines Subway art

Of all the DIY’s listed here, this is probably the easiest one. All you need is an 8x10 picture frame, then just follow this link to download and print the graphic.

Heart Table Runner

This is another super easy project that does not take much time to complete. This would be a really cute decoration addition if you are having a Galentine’s dinner with your close friends! Find out how to make this heart shaped table runner here.

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