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The Ideal Tenant

Becoming a great tenant is something that you should strive for. Great tenants lead to happy landlords which is good news for you. Having your landlord like you may give you many perks such as: lower rent rates with renewal of lease, favorable rental history which can help when seeking a new place, and possible re-negotiation of terms on your current lease. Here are some tips on becoming the tenant of every landlord’s dreams!

1.Care for your rental as if it were your home. Not only will this ensure that you get to keep your deposit, it will also make for a happy landlord. This also includes treating your neighbors like close friends. You, and everyone you invite to your new place, must show respect by acknowledging that you live in close proximity to others who may work nights or have a newborn baby. Making friends with other tenants can also help avoid them going to the landlord if they have a problem with you because they can speak with you directly instead.

2. Read your lease. Reading your lease before you sign it can avoid you wanting to break your lease early. If there are potential problems with the lease you can then discuss them with the landlord before the agreement is signed. This will help avoid any grudges later. You can also mention any other issues that may arise after you move in. (e.g. a friend that stays over often or a pet you own.)

3. Pay your rent. On time! Or better yet pay your rent a few days before it is due. Landlords love a tenant who pays their rent.After all, it’s why they’re in the business. If for some reason you are going to have a late payment, be sure to tell your landlord. They will be more understanding if you let them know beforehand.

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