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Signs of a Rental Scam

With advances in technology, it's becoming more common for people to fall victim to rental scams. In order to avoid losing out on time and money, we’ve compiled a list of 5 red flags to be aware of while you shop for your new rental home.


Be careful if you stumble on a property that is renting below the average for your area. This is a common occurance with online scams. In some cases, maybe the property is run down or it’s being listed in a slow season. However, if the photos are immaculate and it seems like a steal; it is probably a scam. In addition, they may try to rush you into making a payment to secure the property.

“This one has a lot of interest, if you want it, you need to wire the money now!”


You looked at the pictures and you’d like to schedule a showing. The landlord is currently out of state, but he/she assures you that “it looks just like the photos.” If this happens, ask them when they’ll be returning and try scheduling a day and time. If they don’t give you a clear answer or try to convince you that a showing isn’t necessary, then you’re likely dealing with a scammer.