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Preparing for Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is quickly approaching! With trick-or-treaters soon to come ringing your doorbell, it is time to make sure your house is a safe and welcoming stop on the candy route. Here are some tips to make sure your home is ready:

Clear walkways

Believe it or not, but kids tend to be clumsy. Add in a sugar rush from all the candy they are collecting and there are bound to be some wipeouts. You can help reduce the risk of an accident by making sure your walkway is clear. If you have stairs leading up to your house, be sure there are no loose boards or railings.

Boost your lighting

While it may be tempting to want to create a spooky atmosphere, it’s best to try and prevent creating any hazards that could cause a fall. By using outdoor lighting such as porch lamps, hanging lights, and other holiday-specific lighting, you are able to maintain a balance of

spooky and safety!

Round up your pets

Even if your pets are friendly, it is still best to keep them in a secured room inside or out in the backyard, because some kids are shy when it comes to pets. This preventative measure also makes sure your pet doesn’t escape from the door opening and closing throughout the evening.

Skip the candles

Having a jack-o-lantern is perfectly acceptable but use electronic lights rather than an actual candle. The last thing you want is for a trick-or-treater to accidentally knock the pumpkin over and cause a fire. Using electronic lights is also a good way to prevent a fire when you consider all the draping costumes and accessories that will be passing by the flame.

Consider your candy choices

It’s important to be mindful of allergies and ingredients so make sure you have other options than candy. Some ideas would be fruit or stickers. You could even go to your local drug store and get some inexpensive little games and toys you can find in the party favor isle!

Comb your yard

While it would be wonderful if all children stayed on sidewalks and pathways, but there may be some wanderers, so be sure to clear your yard by picking up any sticks, big rocks, or other tripping hazards.

Decorate your door

If it looks like you’re not home, Trick-or-treaters are not going to knock on your door, so be welcoming. You can be as simple or elaborate as you like. This doesn’t have to be complex; you could just have a jack-o-lantern outside (lit by an electronic light of course) and string up some fake cobwebs on your door frame. If you really love Halloween and want to get spooky, you could get some flickering lights and a scary noise box. Here are some ideas to spark some creativity!

If you are a true Halloween fan, this may be the door display for you. See how to achieve this creepy door at