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National Pet Parents Day: Tips to Keep Your Furry Friends Happy & Healthy During Quarantine

It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us. Many of us are working from home, having to find new ways to be productive and entertain ourselves, as well as trying new methods to connect with our loved ones. While many people are going stir crazy being stuck at home, those of us with pets are probably finding quarantine to be a little more enjoyable. However, being a pet owner during these uncertain times poses some additional challenges, such as stocking up on pet essentials and finding ways to keep our four-legged family members engaged, especially ones who are used to being outdoors. In honor of National Pet Parents Day on April 26th, here is a list of ways to keep your pets happy, healthy, and engaged during quarantine so you can continue being a great pet parent!

Purchase Extra Essentials

No, this doesn’t mean you should run to Target and buy every last bag of dog or cat food they have, but you should buy enough to last you for at least a month at a time. Another option is to have high-quality meals sent right to your doorstep through specialized services. Pet Plate delivers dog food that is made from human-grade ingredients and are pre-prepared and portioned so they can be served with pretty much no effort on your end.