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How to Make Nice with Bad Neighbors

If you live in a place where all the houses are in close quarters, you have most likely dealt with a neighbor or two that you’ve disliked. Neighbors come in all shapes and forms, like the ones who are loud and make it nearly impossible to sleep or the ones who cannot control their pets. Considering that you live so closely to these people, it’s kind of important that you can get along, for the most part.

Somewhat annoying neighbors

Examples: Parents of naughty children who are yelling and crying all of the time, drivers who do not follow the parking rules, the pet owner who has a hard time taking care of their furry friends, overly friendly neighbors who don’t know when to stop talking, and those who borrow things and forget to return them.

  • The first thing you need to do with these types of neighbors is introduce yourself and get to know them better. It is possible that introducing yourself and letting them know what is bothering you can make a big difference. Not only do people tend to be more embarrassed and considerate to people they personally know, but they may not even know that they are bothering you. Bringing it to them may finally solve the problem.

  • Be sure that you are careful and do not accuse them right away. You want to tell them what is annoying you, but still be friendly and respectful at the same time. Try to find the cause of their bad behavior and extend your help to fix the behavior.