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How to Make a Home Office in a Small Space

In light of recent events regarding COVID-19, many people are now working from home. If working remotely is not something you’ve done before, it’s likely that you don’t have a bunch of extra space to designate for a home office. While you may be thinking that you have no place to set up a workstation, you just need to get creative! Here are some clever ways to set up your home office when square footage is limited.

Spare Closet or Unused Nook

The simplest way to set up a home office is by using a spare closet or an unused nook. You can easily add more wall-mount shelving for your supplies. You can also remove closet doors if you would like easier access or leave the doors if you’d rather keep your workspace hidden – you could even use a curtain to hide your office when you aren’t working.

Empty Corner

Empty corners are another great option for creating a home office space. You can save even more room by using a corner or L-shaped or desk. Again, you could easily add some wall-mount shelves if needed.

This corner desk can be found on

This L-Shaped desk can be found on

Under the Stairs

If you have them, you can easily tuck a little workspace beneath your stairs. This is easiest if there is an open space under your stairs, but even if you have a closed in space with a door under your stairs you can still put your office there!

Wall Mount Desk

Using a wall mount desk is great for those who have limited space. All you really need is an empty wall somewhere in your home. You can find wall mount desks on a variety of websites such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, to name a few.

Livingroom Work Zone

If space is extremely tight, don’t neglect furniture pieces you already have. Why not use your coffee table as your work area – this is especially easy for those who work using a laptop.


Once you find a spot and desk to set up your workspace, there are a few more organizational items you may need. Nothing makes an office space look messier than having papers and supplies strewn about. Keeping your documents tidy will make your home office much neater and allow you to have the most of your desk space. There are several ways you can stay organized – below are three ideas.

Wall File Holder – Found on

File Folders – Found on

Clipfolio – Found on

Drawer Unit – Found on

Drawer Organizer – Found on

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