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How to Control Shedding in Your Home

While we love our pets and think they are adorable, we don’t always love leaving our house full of our four-legged companions’ fur. Don’t fret, though! There are several ways to help control the amount of hair that is left around your home.

Reasons your pet may shed more than normal:

  • Seasons: You may notice that you find more hair lying around during warmer months and that’s because cats and dogs tend to shed more during the summer. It’s common for most animals to shed their winter coats when it starts to warm up outside to keep their body cooler.

  • Stress/Anxiety: Cats and dogs can get anxious for a variety of reasons. For example, if you recently moved and they haven’t fully adjusted yet or if you recently added another pet to your family. They will also shed more than normal if they are sick, especially if they are ill with a skin issue.

  • Over-grooming can occur with cats if they are stressed or anxious, causing them to excessively lick and pull their fur.

  • Allergies:

  • Cats can be allergic to several ingredients in cat food, such as soy, wheat, rice, corn, and gluten, as well as certain kinds of meat, causing them to shed more than the normal amount. Your veterinarian can give you suggestions of other types of food brands if you need help giving your cat a nutritional boost.