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How to Be a Good Neighbor

If you want the neighborhood you live in to be great, then you have to know how to be a good neighbor. There are many ways to be a good neighbor and here are some ideas that you can use to show those in your community that you are a good neighbor.

Share important information

Letting new neighbors know of great housekeepers, handymen, dry cleaners, dog walkers, lawn-mowing services, etc., is a great way to welcome them to your neighborhood. You can also make some recommendations of your favorite local restaurants, stores, pharmacies, etc.

Don’t gossip

If your neighbor is always telling you the local dirt on everyone, chances are they’re keeping tabs on you as well. When it comes to gossip, there is ‘good’ gossip and ‘bad’ gossip. If a neighbor’s family member passes away, talking with other neighbors about it so they can offer their condolences is good gossip. However, you shouldn’t be spreading negative rumors around the community.